Discover the true taste of Holland with these traditional Dutch Stroopwafels, baked from a 3rd generation family recipe in the founding city of Gouda. Since 1810, quality ingredients and a slow baking process bring out the natural flavors in these crisp wafers, bound together by a chewy caramel center.

Probably the most famous Dutch cookie there is, the stroopwafel! Stroopwafels were invented early in the 19th century in the city of Gouda, where a bakery named Kamphuisen created this treasured Dutch cookie.

Around 1810 Kamphuisen developed a recipe that has still been kept secret to this day! They baked crunchy double baked wafers with home-made caramel syrup in between. Over the years Kamphuisen has won many quality awards and their stroopwafels became more and more popular.

Our the Old Mill Stroopwafels nowadays are still being made according to this original and secret recipe. Since 1810, the recipe was passed on from generation to generation, from family to family.

Though production of course has been modernized, the wafers are still being baked by artisan methods. For example, after the dough has been made, the dough rests for a while which benefits the quality of the wafer. Also the processing time & temperature, type of wafer irons, sequence of mixing the dough, is done in the same manner as in the old days, just on a larger scale.

How to enjoy the stroopwafel

In the Netherlands stroopwafels are traditionally consumed with tea or coffee. It is a custom to place a cookie on top of the cup and let it steam for a few minutes so that the cookie is warmed and the syrupy layer has softened.

  • Produced with NON-GMO ingredients
  • No artificial colors or flavorings
  • Vegetarian friendly


Wheat flour, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, vegetable fat & oil (palm, rapeseed), butter, egg, salt, potato starch, caramelized sugar, sunflower lecithin, raising agents (sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate), cinnamon, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, citric acid.

Allergen information

Contains wheat (gluten), milk and egg. May contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

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