Coffee flavoured Wafers

Perfectly crispy on the outside with a delicious, rich coffee flavoured cream filling in the center. An artisan baked treat that is perfect for serving with your coffee and tea. Our coffee wafers are baked according to the original and artisanal recipe by a family owned bakery founded in 1953.

The name ‘wafer’ originates from the German word ‘Wabe’ which means honeycomb. When people started baking pancakes they used honeycomb shaped irons. Since pancakes have a relatively short shelf life, people created a recipe without adding water resulting in the creation of wafers. An inventive baker decided to spread a cream filling between the wafers, which gave this biscuit its unique character. The wafer filled with a coffee flavoured cream filling has been very popular over decades in the Netherlands and still is found in every Dutch grocery store.

  • Produced with NON-GMO ingredients
  • No artificial colors or flavorings
  • Vegetarian friendly


Wheat flour, palm fat, dextrose, sugar, vegetable oil (canola), wheat starch, colour (caramel), coconutoil, emulsifier (lecithin), skimmed cocoa powder, natural coffee flavour, salt, natural caramel flavour, flour treatment,agent (ascorbic acid).

Allergen information

Contains gluten (wheat). May contain traces of nuts, dairy (milk), soy and egg.

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